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Qantas airlines offering ‘mystery flights’ to surprise destinations in Australia

Mystery flights will depart from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

Qantas is incentivizing consumers by offering a “mystery” itinerary.

The Australia-based airline announced plans to operate three domestic “mystery flights” for travelers looking for surprise experiences in Australia. Qantas had first introduced the idea of “mystery flights” back in the 1990s, but hasn’t operated any in the years since.

Qantas Airways is lanching "mystery flights" to destinations in Australia. 

Qantas Airways is lanching “mystery flights” to destinations in Australia.  (iStock)

Daring travelers can request a seat starting March 4, after which they simply show up to the airport to be whisked away to an unknown destination on one of Qantas’ Boeing 737 aircraft.

“The vaccine rollout is bringing a lot more certainty and domestic border restrictions should soon be a thing of the past. In the meantime, these flights turn that mystery into a positive by creating a unique experience for the many people keen to start traveling again,” Qantas Group Chief Customer Officer Stephanie Tully said of the idea in press release.

The three mystery flights will depart from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne to a destination outside of the “major capital cities,” but still within a two-hour distance. Activities upon arrival could include a winemaking course or a gourmet lunch, and even a visit to one of Australia’s “tropical island wonders,” Qantas describes. Once passengers touch down, they’ll have a day to explore at their leisure before flying home.

And while Qantas hasn’t specified where passengers will land, the airline is giving a few hints. Those taking off from Brisbane can expect to enjoy “country hospitality” along with food and wine, while those leaving from Melbourne will likely be doing some hiking, or browsing through local farmers’ markets. Passengers leaving from Sydney, on the other hand, will be enjoying “long lunching on the beach” at a tropical destination.

Tickets start at $577 (for economy seats), but each includes the cost of activities planned for the mystery excursions.

“As well as helping bring more of our people back to work, these mystery flights are another way to support tourism operators in regional areas especially, who have been hit particularly hard by several waves of travel restrictions,” Tully added of the idea.

Qantas, meanwhile, has been toying with new types of itineraries since the beginning of the pandemic. In 2020, the airline operated “Flights to Nowhere,” which departed and landed back at the same airport, as well as “Flights to Somewhere,” which allowed Australian residents to visit Uluru for a quick overnight stay.

The airline last week announced it would resume international flights onboard Qantas Airways and budget airline Jetstar by October 31, a four-month extension from its previous timeline of July.

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  • Wanthana phonanek
    Posted March 7, 2021 at 2:47 pm

    Sounds fun, mysterious flight. I want to go on this flight, visit local agricultural products as well, and stay for 1 night.

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