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Captain Of Airbus A350

Aviation was a dream which I had at the age of 5 when I started watching my dad going to work wearing that amazing Pilot uniform, gazing at his flight manuals, and going to the airport with any chance given. At that time I used to say to myself that one day “I myself will fly these Planes up in the sky”.

I was interested in learning every single thing about aviation, so with my dad’s guidance, I went towards my dream. And my ultimate dream became a goal. With continuous hard work and training, I fulfilled my dream and now I’m a Captain of Airbus A350 for one of the biggest and successful Airlines in the world having around 12,000 flying hours.
As an Influencer and Aviator, I also want to help the young generation and aviation lovers to accomplish their dreams by introducing the motivational topics of aviation and the pilot lifestyle.

10 Facts About Me

  1. I am a citizen of the World.
  2. My professional career started with Royal Jordanian Air Academy. During my training days, I flew Piper Cherokee, PA – 28, Piper Archer, PA-44, Socata TB – 200, and Twin-engine Cessna.
  3. My first flight under training with Royal Jordanian Airlines as Copilot was in A321 from Amman to Dubai.
  4. My first cockpit visit was with my father when I was 12 years old.
  5. My favorite Airplane is A320 (My First Love).
  6. I like to fly during day time.
  7. My favorite part of the flight is LANDING.
  8. I love to TRAVEL around the world to know about different cultures.
  9. WORKOUT is part of my life. “ To Be Active  Throughout The Entire Day, Workout Is The Best Way.”
  10. The UNFORGETTABLE moment of my Life: When I had a chance to fly with my father. My father was a Captain and I was a First Officer.


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