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Norway to Nowhere

The “Troll’s Tongue” is a spit of rock and a cliff rock that juts out like a ‘tongue’ that hangs 2,300 feet above the lake of Ringedalsvatnet, in the Norwegian mountains. This popular attraction in Norway is part of a bedrock that was formed thousands of years ago during the ice age due to glacial erosion.


When the going gets tough, don’t lose hope because the outcome will soothe your soul.

My flight started from Istanbul to Oslo where Govand Omar and Hawar Ari, pilots from Norway took me to Govind’s house where his mother cooked us the Norwegian salmon, best in the world. At the gym after having rest, I found people friendly and a breathtaking view around.



Beyond the dawn and darkness lies the hope that the sun will rise to brighten everything

We visited Hamar, 45 minutes’ drive from Oslo, the great thing about Hamar being quite elegant and countryside where you could see village traditions, farms and soothing view. We prepared with our stuff like sunblock, food, water, sunglasses, cap, hiking boots, comfortable clothes (sports preferred), jackets as it is cold, medical aid, camera to capture the moments.

Sometimes you need to tell your buddies that they are the reason that you’re blessed with the best.

We left home at 12 midnight and reached Hardanga where Torlltunga is located, On the way to hike site, we took lots of photos of lakes, mountains, found lambs on the middle of the road and then the road ahead was closed due to maintenance, so we turned back to new route, we were lost in the middle of nowhere, but soon found the way to ferry, and luckily we didn’t have to pay anything for going to the other side of river (Jondal Bergen), reached the location watching Hordaland an amazing waterfall valley from where bus dropped us to a place where we had to start our hike.

Thumbs up for the beautiful life. Life automatically becomes
fantastic when you witness such beauty.

Two thousand five hundred stairs were tough, as I did not hike for a long time. It shows how fit and healthy you are. This beauty has no humanmade interferences, all natural things, even the signs, directions, rocks, woods.

Six hours was a long time, and 11km distance of going up and another 11 km of coming down was very tiring, but the result was overwhelming, nature and the view, one should visit here only if you can handle extreme beauty without sobbing.

Climb the mountains not to see the world, climb them so the world
can see you. That’s the original purpose these cliffs are serving

We did 12 hours of hiking in total. We found people, and families from all over the world, Sweden, India, middle east, North America, South America, China, which tells that everyone is coming to witness this spectacular beauty of nature.

These puddles make the journey for the river tough, but initially, they purify the water just like the failures in our life.

We walked so many rivers, and its water is nothing but the melting glaciers that you can drink directly, it is tastiest and cleanest water on the earth, and I liked it.

The epic Trolltunga’s cliff.

The topography is so diverse, uphill, downhills, river, snow, mud that gives the feeling of paradise. On the way back, we had to dump our shoes as they were so damaged, we were shoeless and traveled in socks all the way. We decided to sleep and get some rest for an hour but slept for 3 hours

The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life

Unfortunately, we found a closed road again, I was asleep, my companions decided to take a nap of 15 minutes, but slept for almost 1.5 hours, our car’s engine on, in the middle of the road and it was astonishing that nothing happened to us! If we were in some other country, we would have been hit by some vehicle or someone must have called the police or the ambulance, but here no one even bothered.

True happiness lies with a satisfied stomach and mesmerizing views.

After coming back, I visited Ridabu, and here in Norway prices of electronic items is quite good. Saw the Hedmark Musset (Hedmark Museum) that protects the lifestyle of 16th and 17th century, we saw wood houses, interiors, protected by the glass covers, also got the chance to taste Softis which is very famous here, and this excellent adventure ended with nice Barbeque and exceptional Turkish food.
Stay tuned for the next country

The greatest risk is really to take no risk at have got to go out there,take chances to get a smile that satisfies your mind

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  • Lyne Westbrook
    Posted February 14, 2021 at 9:22 am

    Anas, you have a very rich fulfilled life. It is a beautiful life. Thanks so much for sharing your life with your fellow aviators.

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