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The Lonely Planet – Croatia

My first flight to Zagreb, Croatia was terrific, Croatia is an Eastern European country with a long coastline on the Adriatic Sea. Encompassing more than a thousand islands, the Dinaric Alps also crosses it. Its inland capital, Zagreb, is distinguished by its medieval Gornji Grad (Upper Town) and diverse museums

I was so excited about it, but my job seems more traveling and traveling so my friend from India the co-pilot, suggested going Krk Island.

We rented a car and started our journey to Krk island in Croatia. The people were friendly and tried helping us even when they did not know English well, the weather was quite lovely and scenery nicer

We had fun listening to coronation songs, and we loved their culture and hospitality, once we arrived there we asked people which beach was the best one at Kirk island, so we came to know that Baska is the best beach and we drove around another 40 min drive as it is at the end of the island

The roads, curves, downhills, uphill, small roads were well paved and organized and gave a mesmerizing view. On arriving we just parked and went to the beach, it was not sandy but little rocks beach, so our feet were little tickling to walk there.

Happy memories are always unplanned

But the water was spotless that one can see the fish and it was fresh, cold and not so salty, most of the people were local, we had a dip in the water, and it felt perfect and refreshing

Then we dried ourselves and came in a car to change we kept it as changing room indeed. We then went for a walk found this lovely restaurant Casilla here we grabbed octopus, calamari, trams, fish, lobster, homemade pasta and a lot more. it was a bit expensive but delicious

When we were walking through the streets, people were looking at us and were amazed that we ate so much quantity of food we were tired but were happy as we both woke up at 4:00 am but were still fresh.

mesmerizing views is all what the eye needs, and what a traveler searches

We were lucky as we had almost full moon there was a fantastic journey. The light of the moon on the sea water makes it look despicable. The girls were so beautiful, and the people were friendly, we had soothing coffee, ice cream and in the end, drove back to Zagreb.

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