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Moldova: Stepping back in time

I consider Moldova one of the best-kept secrets on earth. And, I am not alone
My flight started from Munich to Moldova, I took Lufthansa, booked Moxy Munich, Airport hotel, and there was no physical room available.

As flying from Oslo I was in jump seat, I had a profound sleep, I boarded Lufthansa Embraer E195, went to Moldova, and one of cabin crew Ben recognized me, I was sitting in business class and he took extra care of me, told everyone on the plane that I am on Instagram and they came to say hello to me, were so friendly that my journey was great, what I learned that we are global citizens, and moreover one family. I took a selfie with them when they landed in Moldova.

Smile and burn down everything whatever weighs you down

Airport was small and kind of old, I took a taxi to my hotel, on the way saw old roads which were not so modern, but at the same time, the country was green with lots of trees across the streets. Chisinau is not a traveler’s paradise, as it does not offer much to do. The best thing is to wander around the city center and see the hustle and bustle of this Moldovan capital. Weather was quite hot, on the road, I saw poor people selling old clothes, poverty is eased with a few tourist attractions and good local cognac. The hotel was lovely, had a typical Soviet look, which was already visible from the front doors. The smell, the look, the furniture, and employees… It looked like the time stopped there decades ago. I met a friend Diana, she took me around in the city, It was not congested, there were not a lot of places to see, but we saw different things

I’ve never had that long indecisive phase of what to eat and what not to. For me, there exists the food I have eaten or the food I am going to eat.
When I went to the city I went to a restaurant, I ate delicious food then suddenly a guy Vlad, he was a follower and invited me for coffee, he is student pilot and is studying in Moldova

There was never a night or a problem, that could defeat sunrise or hope.

The cool breeze at evening was soothing; it was calm. We saw the Triumph Arch, Memorial Complex “Eternitate,” The Metropolitan Cathedral, Stefan cel Mare central park, and a traditional concert, I said hello to guys, they were welcoming, it was beautiful, there was a lake full of mosquitos, and they were biting us like anything. The funny thing was, some people were singing and trying to sing, and their voices were not good.

Leaving a hundred of photographs as your legacy, good luck doing that nowadays

Well It was nice to have a different experience, and a man learns from his experiences only. So keep traveling with me across the globe.

Pilot Amireh

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