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Incident: Antonov A124 at Sao Paulo on May 11th 2021, overran runway on landing

An Antonov Airlines Antonov AN-124, registration UR-82007 performing flight ADB-3829 from Paramribo (Suriname) to Sao Paulo Guarulhos,SP (Brazil) with 60 tons of personal protective equipment to combat Corona for Brazil’s Ministry of Health, landed on Sao Paulo’s runway 09L at 04:49L (07:49Z) following an ILS approach, tower had reported 1200 meters RVR, but overran the end of the runway and came to a stop with the nose gear on soft ground. There were no injuries, the aircraft did sustain minor if any damage. The crew requested a push back to push them back onto the runway.

The airport reported the aircraft came to a stop about 200 meters/660 feet past the end of the runway.

The runway was closed for about 2 hours until the aircraft could be moved back onto paved surface and off the runway.

The aircraft had flown from Dallas Ft. Worth,TX (USA) to San Juan (Puerto Rico) and to Paramaribo (Suriname) the day before under the same flight number.

Brazil’s CENIPA have opened an investigation.

Related NOTAMs:
K0644/21 NOTAMN
Q) SBCW/QMRLC/IV/NBO/A/000/999/2326S04628W005
B) 2105110946 C) 2105112359

SBGR 111000Z 06004KT 0400 R09R/1100N R09L/1300N R27R/1500N R27L/1500N FG OVC002 13/13 Q1019=
SBGR 110900Z 07005KT 0200 R09R/1100N R09L/1200N R27L/1300N R27R/1600N FG OVC002 14/14 Q1019=
SBGR 110800Z 06008KT 0200 R27R/0800N R27L/1100D R09L/1200D R09R/1300D FG OVC002 14/14 Q1018=
SBGR 110749Z 06008KT 0200 R27R/0800D R27L/1100D R09L/1200D R09R/1300D FG OVC002 14/14 Q1018=
SBGR 110700Z 08004KT 0200 R27L/0400N R09L/0650D R09R/1200D R27R/1400D FG OVC000 13/13 Q1019=
COR SBGR 110630Z 08005KT 0200 R27L/0350N R27R/0400D R09R/1900D R09L/2000D FG OVC002 13/13 Q1019=
SBGR 110600Z 11002KT 5000 BR NSC 13/13 Q1019=
SBGR 110500Z 09001KT 4500 BR NSC 13/13 Q1019=
SBGR 110400Z 00000KT 6000 NSC 14/14 Q1021=
SBGR 110300Z 08001KT 8000 NSC 14/14 Q1021=
SBGR 110200Z 13001KT CAVOK 14/14 Q1021=
SBGR 110100Z 00000KT CAVOK 15/15 Q1021=
SBGR 110000Z 19002KT CAVOK 16/15 Q1021=

The aircraft with the nose gear on soft ground:
The aircraft with the nose gear on soft ground

The aircraft with the nose gear on soft ground

Long Way To Overrun
By Nobody on Tuesday, May 11th 2021 13:22Z

This is actually very interesting… SBGR runway 09L has a length of 3700 meters (with actual usable runway beyond the glide slope is 3263 meters) which is quite long… There is no tailwind component either.

This brings several questions to mind :

– What was the actual landing weight ?
– What was the reported braking action ?
– Was autoland performed ? (09L has CAT II approach available.)
– Was there a problem with the braking system ?

Let’s see what will turn out.

Source: HERE

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