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2019: A Year Through My Eyes

The world is saying goodbye to 2019, and everyone is rushing to finish what was left unfinished, to make new resolutions and hoping for better things to come. And I’m not an exception in this case. But lately, on one of my flights, I began thinking about what kind of year it was for me. 

So, let’s start with the greatest achievement of my professional career – I did my first flight on the most advanced airplane of all times A350 at the beginning of the year. That meant that I said goodbye to my first and eternal love A320, and started a new journey on A350. The year started very promisingly. I checked my flights… OMG, new great destinations, were waiting for me! Isn’t that cool? I began flying to Jakarta, Madrid, US, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Singapore. New airports, new people, new cities, new emotions. There is a joke that pilots value the year by counting how many sunsets and sunrises they have seen from the cockpit. Well, I have seen them a lot, trust me 🙂

But despite being a pilot, I’m also a social blogger, who shares every flight and travel story with you guys. How can I value this year as a social blogger? Simply – it was so controversial! My aviation family became bigger and bigger with more than 430K followers on Instagram, 700K visits on the website, more than 107K followers on Facebook, and 92.000 subscribers on YouTube. These not all about how cool am I, no! I’m happy because the numbers show how much people love aviation and appreciate the pilot’s job. My social blogging is also all about aviation and instilling love towards aviation, making you guys, to realize that everything is possible. But this year, there came a moment after 3 and a half years of blogging that I almost stop it for a couple of months, focusing more on my job. Job is always a priority. However my aviation family made me think of blogging again, and this article is part of it 🙂

The year of kindness and humanity – I would like to see every year with these words. When people think of doing more good for each other rather than fighting and blaming. This year I decided to make my year more blessed by helping one student to make his dream come true somehow. And I succeeded… 

2019 was not an ordinary year for me; it was a year of total contrast with ups and downs, happiness and sadness, disappointment, and excitement. No matter what kind of year it was for you, don’t stop dreaming and DREAMING BIG!

Happy Holidays To Everyone!

Until 2020, and as always, “We Speak Aviation”!

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