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From 400 Followers to 400K Followers: Is There A Secret Behind This?

Everything started three years ago when I had only 400 followers on Instagram. I never had a target to reach this number; moreover, I never had a goal to be an ‘Influencer’ on Instagram. In December 2015 I got my first GoPro camera and started taking good quality pictures and share my passion for aviation and photography with my 400 followers, friends and family. At that time I just wanted to get 1000 followers and thought that it would be cool. I always wondered why I could not have more likes and followers, so I started to search, learn and look at the people’ accounts to understand what they were doing to get the followers. So, I learned and soon turned my lower follower page to an ‘Influencer’ page. Was I lucky? I guess so, as at that time there were few pilots on Instagram. People were so excited to see the cockpit, the skies, the airplanes and inside of that fascinating world that they started to follow me.

Does Instagram Change My Lifestyle?

The answer is yes, and it changed my life a lot. As the number of followers raised from 1000 to 10.000, I got to know a lot of people around the globe and to interact with them, so I found out that Instagram is not only for sharing beautiful pictures but also it is a tool for inspiring people and a means of sharing information. The turning point was when I discovered that the young generation is following my page and I’m an inspiration for them. That touched my heart and gave me more responsibility for taking things seriously on social media.

Language As One of The Main Weak Points?

During my journey on social media, I had so many challenges to overcome. One of them was the English language. Indeed, English is not my first language and making mistakes and get criticized is the common thing, but I always positively take every blame and criticism and always do my best to improve myself and my social media pages. We have to understand one simple thing that we all learn from each other; otherwise, there will be no improvement.

After three years, I got almost 600K followers on my Instagram, Youtube, Facebook altogether and officially verified on these pages. This journey was not easy, it was full of challenges, up and downs, but at the same time, it wasn’t impossible. Now I believe that everyone can do this if he/she works hard, sets and focuses on the goals.

Three years and I got to know so many people, got to have so many followers and a great team. I make commercial and donation. Three years of improving myself, setting goals and targets, overcoming challenges, after all, nothing is impossible.

Until next time, my aviation family.

As always “We Speak Aviation!”

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