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What To Expect During The Interview With An Airline For Pilot Position

Congratulations on completing all your flight training! Your hard work finally paid off. It is time to apply for a pilot position with an airline. However, What do I have to expect during interviews on that day?

In this short article, I will answer the abovementioned question.

I assume that you have already verified all your information ranging from the logbook to your medical license with an airline you applied for. You are going to attend the selection process.
The interview is extremely crucial because they want to know you more and determine whether you will fit in or not. More importantly, they also want to know your personality, technical knowledge, and skills. Going for an interview is like those interviews during your flight school selection. You will be asked a load of technical questions, personal questions, and situational questions. Example questions could be ‘Can you describe radiation fog?’, ‘Why should we hire you?’ and ‘What are you going to do when you encounter a communication failure in VFR?’, et cetera. You may be interviewed by the HR manager(s), Chief Pilot, and Flight Operations Manager. The key is to make sure that you show your passion, leadership, and how motivated you are. Practice makes perfect. Do not feel embarrassed to find someone who is also a pilot to help you practice beforehand!

On the other hand, for those who are going to attend a Cadet Pilot interview (aka Ab Initio Cadet Pilot), it is completely another story compared with those who apply for a direct entry position. It is because you do not require to have any flight experience. Nonetheless, it, undoubtedly, is extremely competitive and has more interview stages than a direct entry position.

Normally cadet program first comes with some technical MCQs and aptitude tests. Once you pass those stages, you will be invited to a panel (or group) interview followed by a final interview. The interview process varies among airlines. All the questions you will be asked will not be too technical as you are just a cadet candidate. Example questions would be ‘How does aircraft fly?’, ‘What is your favorite aircraft type and why?’ and ‘Engine failure at V1, what are you going to do’ et cetera. When airlines sponsor a candidate oversea for his/her flight training, the cost of each candidate is exorbitant. Therefore, they would want to recruit a candidate who is passionate about flying and most likely will stay in that company in the very long term.
To sum up, it is hard to memorize everything before attending an interview because those questions interviewers ask you are elusive. Always be yourself and show them your passion.
If aviation is what you love, I am sure you definitely will ace it and fulfill your dream at the end of the day.

Until next time, and as always, “WE SPEAK AVIATION.”

The article is written by the Pilotamireh Social Media Team Member Michael WAI

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  • Sahil Chowdhury
    Posted September 26, 2020 at 3:09 pm

    Loved this article. With great knowledge to note down for the future when I sit in an interview. Really loved this article. Really had meaning. Also loved how you addressed this question. I love these articles, have a clear structure and it is to the point. Thank you for the motivation PilotAmireh and article writer Michaek WAI. Really adore this family.

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