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What Is Inside My Pilot Bag

Many of you may have noticed that pilots always carry a bag with them while going to their flights! And it doesn’t matter it’s layover or turn around! They still have this bag.

This Bag is called the flight crew Navigation Bag or Jeppesen Bag.

I am going to tell you the general items that usually I have in my flight bag.

1- Documents: Including passport, license, medical certificate, CMC ( crew member certificate ), low visibility card, certificate of Test (your card that shows you did your simulator check.)

2- Headsets: Many airlines provide the pilots with a headset that can be used during his flights.

3- Small torch: For external check during the night, or to use it at night when you enter a cockpit.

4- Logbook: To make an entry for the flight details.

5- Travel kit: toothbrush, comb, etc..

6- Medicines: Some pain killers could help if the pilot gets sick during the flight.

7- Extra Optics: if the pilots wear specs, then he needs to carry an extra pair inside his bag (regulations).

These items could be more than that, and they are not limited to hygiene items, ear blocks, small snacks, etc.…

So in general Pilot’s flight bag has the items mentioned above! And it could be more or less depending on the airline regulations and the pilot himself.

So be prepared you are going to have such Flight Bag when you become a pilot.

Until next time, and as always “We Speak Aviation”

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