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Pilots and Simulator Training

Pilots usually get training every six months using the simulator which is identical for the real airplane cockpit!
There are a lot of abnormalities and emergencies pilots can’t demonstrate in real life! And as a pilot, you may finish your career without even facing one. And that defines the high levels
of safety in aviation nowadays! So what the Airline companies usually do? They schedule the pilot into a simulator training for two days usually, every 6 Months! The first day for training they practice abnormalities like hydraulics failures, electrical failures, etc.

The second day is for checks to make sure that the pilot meets the minimum requirements for flying an airplane, and the pilot must demonstrate standard handling for engine failure and TCAS maneuver, wind shear recovery maneuver, etc. and meet the Civil Aviation requirements to the renewal of the flying license!

So As a pilot, you must be prepared and updated, not only to pass the exam! But it’s your and your passengers’ life. So you better be ready for anything, anytime and anywhere.

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