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Boeing 737 MAX Returns To Europe; Costly Luggage For Emirates, Sriwijaya Air 737 Crash: January 2021 Review

EASA finally ungrounds Boeing 737 MAX


The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued the final Airworthiness Directive (AD) to unground the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in Europe.

EASA, the certification and safety authority of Europe, has ungrounded the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. The agency issued an AD on January 27, 2021, outlining the final steps operators of the aircraft have to complete before the jet can once again fly passengers commercially. The steps include installing new software on the aircraft’s computers, including the Flight Control Computer (FCC), physically separating electrical wires that go from the cockpit to the horizontal stabilizer, updating the Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM), and pilots completing the new and updated training course, which includes flying in the simulator. Following the steps, airlines will have to test the new systems, including a new Angle Of Attack (AOA) system and conduct an operational readiness flight “to ensure that all design changes have been correctly implemented and the aircraft successfully and safely brought out of its long period of storage,” read the AD…READ MORE

Investigators find faulty autothrottle on Sriwijaya Air 737


Indonesian authorities continue to investigate the crash of the Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737 flight 182. Initial findings show that a malfunctioning automatic throttle could have had an impact on the loss of control of the aircraft, Nurcahyo Utomo, the lead investigator at the National Transportation Safety Committee of Indonesia (NTSC) told local media on January 20, 2021…READ MORE

Emirates to repay $1.63 million for single piece of lost luggage


After a 12 year battle, a Nigerian court ordered Emirates to pay a local businessman $1.63 million in compensation for a single piece of lost luggage.

Orji Prince Ikem, a businessman from Nigeria, was traveling to China when his two suitcases were lost without an explanation at Murtala Muhammad International Airport in Lagos (LOS) in 2007. The bags contained $700,000 and $930,000 of cash, respectively. Ikem was carrying the money in order to purchase goods in China, according to local media reports…READ MORE

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