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Pilot Vs Autopilot

When Aviation Industry started back in the old days, pilots used to fly the airplanes manually from taking off till the landing. Trust me flying the plane besides the communication; the navigation was a very hectic task!

Airplane manufacturers used the technologies and invented the Autopilot to reduce the workload and to assist the pilots.

Nowadays autopilot can do auto land, Make predictions, climb, descend and fly along the route very quickly. They can be programmed to fly the airplane precisely.
So if the Autopilot can fly the airplane precisely, What is the pilot’s task during the flight?
Let me share a couple of things with you:

1- Before every flight, a pilot program the computers, if pilot commits mistake then the autopilot will also do the same.

2- Autopilot is not able to take off. Everyone takes off is done by a pilot only.

3- Pilots during the flight monitors the performance of the Autopilot, Come on guys computers goes wrong sometimes and acts crazy, and he is where our real hero, the Pilot comes.

4- Usually radar gives the pilot, shortcuts and they change the original route for many reasons. In such cases, the pilot has to take the short term action and puts some inputs to override the Autopilot.

5- Pilots do regular fuel checks, every 30 minutes, to make sure that the flight is going on under the planned fuel plan.

6- Pilots check the flying instruments and airplane systems regularly during the flight. In other word, they don’t sit doing anything.

7- They monitor and manage the flight and scan the route ahead for any bad weather, and decides the best avoidance action for the weather conditions!

8- Pilots make communications, talk with different radars in different countries and areas!

9- Pilots are ready to take over and fly the airplane when things go wrong. and there autopilot ditches them

Autopilot and computers exist to serve humans. Pilots are vigilant and work hard to make sure that you arrive safely and on time.

Have safe flights


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