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In recent months, the world is going through a pandemic. A situation where no one would have anticipated a health crisis. This has impacted everyone in some or other way. Many businesses and sectors have a downtrend in their revenues since the pandemic. Which makes me come to a common question asked to me by aviation enthusiasts and followers.

Is It The Right Time To Become A Pilot?

The first impression you get is that it is not the right time to start your career. But you will be wrong to come to this judgment right away. If you look at today’s scenario, the world is opening back from four months ago. The flight travel is coming back slowly but steadily as and when the international borders are opening up. It does not stop here; the cargo flights have increased by a reasonable amount. The airlines worldwide are adapting to the changing times, giving their best for their customers. The airline industry has always been a super adaptive field; it stands up to its challenges and with a big heart.
If we go back to the year 2001, post the twin towers episode, there was a fall in demand to fly, but this recovered quickly. People came back to flying because people need to travel. If we go to the year 2008-2009 during the worldwide recession. Again there was a momentary dip in demand, but then it was back with a bang. Whenever there is a downtrend in the aviation industry, it comes back with an astonishing rise.
So, my friends who are looking forward to starting their career in aviation or those who are already done with their training and looking up for an airline job, I will say don’t lose your hope so soon. Things are getting better. 
  1. To the ones who are starting their training:
  • First and foremost is to plan out your things for the next two years span, maybe delay your training and manage your finances.
  • As per the country you are going to do your training in, you can do the prerequisites needed, for example, medicals and written exams in this duration.
  • The flight schools worldwide are also opening back; by the time you are done with your training and everything, the aviation market will be in the same place as it was Pre-COVID times.

2. Who are done with their training and waiting for a job:

  • My only suggestion will be to keep yourself updated with your studies and keep all your licenses current, these are challenging times, and we need to stay positive and work towards our goal.
  • You can work in someplace and earn some money keeping yourself busy and your dream alive.
  • Always look at the big picture, don’t let such temporary breaks hamper your ride.
According to the ICAO and the aircraft manufacturers, there will be a demand for pilots as per their predictions for the coming ten years, which stays the same as it was pre-COVID just that there won’t be instant hiring for new pilots. The demand remains only. The timeline has gone a bit ahead.
At the end of the day, we all are humans; we see many ups and downs in our lives. We learn from this to continually learn and adapt to new things that happen now and then. With technology and science, we shall overcome this pandemic soon.
All of us love to travel, be it for work or leisure, to meet friends and family. That is the only thing that keeps us connected. And no better way to travel than flying. The safest and most convenient way of transport.
There is always light at the end of the tunnel… Be safe!
Until Next Time, and As Always “We Speak Aviation”…
Written by Pilotamireh Social Media Team Akshay Salvi


  • Sahil
    Posted August 27, 2020 at 3:39 pm

    Loved this article. Really love these. Had great info and had loys of perspectives anf thinking inviled whih love about these articles. This aricle gave hope to that a better future is coming to us. Tha k you so much. I love reading your articles during school break since they are interesting and makes me learn more about aviation since my dream is to become a pilot. Thank you for doing this for us. Really appicate it. Hope to get more articles in a week so i can read and learn more about aviation. Thank you and once again great article.

  • sahil chowdhury
    Posted August 27, 2020 at 4:31 pm

    loved this article. So interesting and has may perspectives which I really like. Love that you wrote this article on this topic and thank you forgive us hope that we have a better future awaiting us. Don\’t know why but I love reading your articles so much. Like during school breaks reading your articles. Love reading them and love to know aviation more since my dream is to become a pilot so the earlier I start the better. Thank you so much. Hope you produce more articles in a week so I can read and learn more about aviation. Love your videos also. They are awesome and gives me motivation as a student to my dream.

  • Kassia Skorzewska
    Posted August 28, 2020 at 9:09 am

    Hi! I’m a huge fan of yours from Canada and would love a follow on Instagram from you! My username is @Kassia_skor97

  • Jamiu
    Posted February 12, 2021 at 9:39 am

    My name is Jamiu
    Am a big fan of yours
    And I will like to become a pilot
    I just need Guard line from you sir

  • Wanthana phonanek
    Posted February 12, 2021 at 11:35 am

    Yes, captain. If the plague situation deteriorates, a group of people who love to travel are ready to travel by plane, and it\’s best that pilots are always prepared with a call for work. The safest and most comfortable flight❤

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